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The Name I Chose Won Historical Fiction Company Awards!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I'm tickled Silver, you guys! The Historical Fiction Company awarded The Name I Chose the Silver Award in the Alternate History category for books published in 2022!

Here's what silver looks like:

The Historical Fiction Company also awarded The Name I Chose its 5-Star Highly Recommended Award in its 2022 Best Books lineup. Here's what that looks like:

The Historical Fiction Company is a web-based reading community devoted to historical fiction, especially books that are written by emerging writers published by small and indie presses. HFC brings to readers' attention those books that may get less publicity from the world that revolves around big publishing. Because that includes me and my books, I'm especially glad to be noticed!

Before you read HFC's review of The Name I Chose, be aware that it does contain spoilers. If you'd rather jump into the adventure blind, start on my Books page to link to online retailers.

I'm so pleased and proud to have my writing distinguished in this way. Thank you, Historical Fiction Company!

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