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People Like Us

Olivia's engaged to a sexy, successful guy, their wedding's shaping up to be the social event of the season, and her future looks like the inevitable sequel to her perfect life. So, why does a brief glance into a stranger's dark eyes leave her shaking with desire? Finding herself alone with him in the anonymous city, will Olivia risk her perfectly scripted future for the fulfillment of forbidden desire?



Independence Day

Department store magnate Clyde Anderson is a cool drink on a hot day and just being near her boss thrills Jonquil like 4th of July fireworks. Fantasies about her secret crush never featured them trapped together in a runaway elevator on America’s birthday, but Jonquil’s emotions always have had unpredictable effects on her surroundings. Her ingenuity and his courage are the perfect match against mechanical mayhem. Will the holiday’s unexpected adventure prove these partners-in-peril are perfectly matched for each other?


The Tiger Tamer and the Ranch Hand

Ever since he found her sleeping naked in the hay barn, Shayne has tried to learn the identity of the exotic woman he calls Ezzie, but her obscure language is impossible to translate. Its hypnotic power bewitches animals and lulls Shayne into the mystical landscape of dreams. When strangers arrive in big sky country, will they unlock her mystery or take Ezzie from him forever?



Night at the Demontorium

Psychological meets supernatural in a room without dimensions known as the Demontorium. Located just behind a tissue-thin layer of normalcy, its corrosive influence seeps through. When the demons stir to life, an item dropped on a marriage bed opens up the phantasmagoric regions of hell. A trapped young man waits for the ringing of an antique telephone that signals death. An abused child fights back with a deviant strain of household pest. Through an ancient rite she thought was harmless, a modern woman unleashes a timeless evil. 

Demontorium Series, books one and two combined. Nine cautionary tales meant to tighten your grip on the thin layer that separates you from inhabitants of the Demontorium.



Bloodroom: Book 1 of the Bloodroom Series

Neither Julian’s power as a ruling vampire or his place in Charleston society could prevent the savage incident that put Natalie’s life in his hands. Unable to resist the lush curve of her lips and the sensual promise in her brilliant eyes, Julian’s playing for time in the riskiest game of his life.



Bloodroom: Audible edition

Who could resist Julian's hypnotic gaze! Wait'll you hear him speak! Yes, Julian Mouret now has a voice, courtesy of award-winning narrator, Paul Heitsch. Bloodroom is now a downloadable audiobook.



The Bad Death: Book 2 of the Bloodroom Series

Passion rules the heart and terror rules the night…

South Carolina, 1788. The African beauty emerging from his family crypt is a stranger to Julian Mouret, the refined owner of Lion’s Court plantation. A dancer and a mystery, she spins a strange, dark, and impossible tale of peril and flight. Though he fears she must surely be mad, the handsome slave owner is soon himself a slave, lost to the seductions of this enchantress called Anika and determined to lead her North to safety. 

But there can be no safe haven for Julian or the exquisite Gullah girl who has bewitched him, not while monsters roam the night. A series of horrifying mutilation murders screams of the presence of “plat-eyes”—shape-shifting blood-sucking supernatural creatures feeding at will on the plantation workers—and only Anika can end the rampage. But to face the vampire horde she will have to master the darkness within. And the price of victory in the battle ahead may well be the eternal soul of the man she is coming to love.



The Escape (Out Soon)

Emmaline was the living embodiment of her cult's religion but God had other plans ...

For generations, an isolated Christian sect has revolved around the women of Emmaline's family, who are seen as keepers of the divine flame. When its her turn to make the ultimate sacrifice, Emmaline's spiritual epiphany will either destroy her people or save them.



The Surface (Out Soon) 

Jenny spends every summer at her family's lakehouse in a vacation community that closed its ranks to outsiders generations ago. Here, old school ties and unwritten social codes present a united front as cool and tranquil as the lake, itself. But darkness moves beneath the surface and when Jenny is sexually assaulted on the way home from a midnight party, rescue comes from an unlikely source far more dangerous than her attackers.



Misty's Office Nightmare (Out Soon) 

Try as she might to keep the inventory in check, forces marshall to make Misty's every temp job a nightmare as tiny objects advance in a war fought inch by inch. (I'm playing with my new recording environment and will probably make this flash fiction story an audible freebie, just for kicks and grins.)